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Commission on Worship

Thrust & Direction

Commission on Worship of St. James the Less Parish, commit ourselves to live and enhance our relationship with God which is centered in the Eucharist and inspired by the Word of God in order to impact the spiritual lives of the people through the joyful and faithful celebration of the liturgy, sacraments and devotion.

Missionary Approaches:

  • Prepare solemn liturgical celebration that is participative and joyful

  • Train and form Acolytes / Mass servers

  • Train and form Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion with dedication

  • To Proclaim the Word of God with passion and clarity

  • To lead the faithful in praising God through singing liturgical songs

  • To motivate the faithful in solemn prayer and devotion

6-9-2021 lilia simon.jpg

Lilia Simon

Chairperson/Commission Head


Elba Cruz

Liturgy / Ass't.


Melody Carlos

Lector / Secretary

Commission on Worship: Leadership

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Commission on Worship: Testimonials
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