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Chairperson: Eloise Sanabria

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Our Thrust & Direction

“Embracing the 4 Core Values of the Diocese: Hospitality, Collaboration, Faith-sharing, and Reconciliation, we, in the Commission on Vocation and Family Life of St. James the Less Parish, commit ourselves to promote the Culture of Life, to make our families an example of solidarity, enhancement of family life through prayers and to encourage vocation to the priesthood and religious life.”

Mission Approaches:

Missionary Approaches:

  • Strengthening family life through weekend retreats, couples seminars, etc.

  • Marriage counseling program

  • Accompaniment of divorced and separated couples

  • establishing programs for children of divorced couples

  • Help Promote vocation to the priesthood and religious life

  • establish monitoring program for engaged couples preparing for marriage

  • Pre-Cana Seminars

Downline Ministries


Pre-Cana Formation Team


HOPE Ministry (To minister those who are undergoing the pain of separation)


Marriage Encounter


Matrimonios Unidos


Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Catolico


Serra Club Vocation Promotion

Community Convalidation Wedding

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