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Religious education is important because it equips students with cultural, social, moral and spiritual knowledge that aids in mental and physical development within society. The lessons learned in religious education prepare students for responsibilities, experiences and opportunities later in life.

Religious education assists students in forming values and beliefs that are reflected in behaviors and communication. For example, when approached with an ethical or moral dilemma, people with religious education can reflect on the teachings of the church to make a decision that is in line with their values and beliefs.

Religious education is also important because the information prompts people to challenge ideas and questions about their purpose in life, their beliefs about God and what it means to co-exist with others in a peaceful environment. The knowledge offers guidance for how to behave in line with religious traditions and world views of the church, and often prompts people to put others before themselves and give back to the community through financial, physical and social support.

Religious education teaches students about the history of the world through the eyes of Christianity, and encourages them to acknowledge and understand different values, traditions and religious beliefs that exist within various cultures. Many times, religious education also prompts people to evaluate issues of truth, ethics and faith within their personal lives.


Our Religious Education Program provides the parents of St. James the Less Parish with a partnership in the faith formation of their children (children that do not attend St. James the Less School or who are new to the school and in need of Sacrament Preparation classes). Our program classes run from September through May of each school year. Sacrament preparation classes require a minimum attendance of two consecutive years. Students over the age of 7 years, who have not been baptized, will be in their first year of RCIA Adapted for Children.

Please Note:

  • Families must be registered members, supporting the parish both financially and spiritually.

  • Weekly Mass attendance is required and will need a weekly verification signature.

  • Parish Children will not be turned away for ongoing faith formation due to financial difficulties.


  • Must be present at Orientation to register / Debe de estar presente en la Orientacion para registrarse.

    • HOLY COMMUNION / PRIMERA COMMUNION: Must be in the 2nd - 8th in School​ / Deben de estar en el 2 al 8 grado escolar

    • Cost / Costo:  1 Student / estudiante = $ 75.00

      • 2 Students / estudiantes = $ 125.00​

      • 3 Students / estudiantes = $ 175.00

      • 4 Students / estudiantes = $ 225.00​

                             N.B. Must be siblings for the discount to apply / deben ser hermanos para recibir el descuento​

The discount of $25 only applies to the siblings that are registered on the same program between 2nd to 8th grade / El discuento de $25 solamente se aplica si son hermanos registrados al mismo program de 2 al 8 grado.​

  • SPANISH YOUTH CONFIRMATION / CONFIRMACION PARA JOVENES EN ESPANOL: Must be in high school and at least 15 years of age / Deben de estar en la preparatoria y por lo menos tener 15 anos de edad.

  • Cost / Costo: 1st year Sp. Youth Confirmstion / 1 ano Confirmacion​ en Esp. de Jovenes = $ 150.00

    • 2nd year Sp. Youth Confirmation / 2 ano Confirmacion en Esp. de Jovenes = $ 175.00​

    • H.S. Youth Holy Communion Only / Preparacion Jovenes solo Primera Communion = $ 85.00

    • H.S. Youth both Sacraments / Preparatoria Jovenes los 2 Sacramentos = $ 175.00

  • ENGLISH YOUTH CONFIRMATION ONLY: 1st Year Confirmation & 1st Year First Holy Communion

    • Confirmation Fee: $ 150.00​

    • First Holy Communion: $ 85.00

    • Both Sacraments (Confirmation & First Communion): $ 175.00


  • ENGLISH YOUTH CONFIRMATION ONLY: 2nd Year Confirmation & 2nd Year First Holy Communion

    • Confirmation Fee: $ 175.00​

    • First Holy Communion Fee: $ 85.00

    • Both Sacraments (Confirmation & First Communion): $ 175.00

Note: Must have copies of Baptism & First Holy Communion ​Certificates. Students capacity is only 135 for each confirmation class. All students registered after capacity will have an option for HOME STUDY OR FAMILY CATECHESIS. All families have the option to register for home study or family catechesis with a registration fee of $ 80.00. This is being offered only for Confirmation.


    • Note: Must be over 18 years old and out of high school to be registered with the adults / Deben ser mayores de 18 anos y fuera de la preparatoria para inscribirse con los adultos.​

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