Feastday: October 22
Patron of World Youth Day (Co- Patron)
Birth: 1920
Death: 2005
Beatified By: May 1, 2011 Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City by Pope Benedict XVI
Canonized By: April 27, 2014 Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City by Pope Francis

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St. John Paul the Great

St. John Paul the Great was chosen to be the Co-Patron Saint of St. James the Less Church in Perris.

St. John Paul II, a Pope who led the Church towards the Third Millenium. He is the Pope who change the course of world history. A Saint of all seasons whose writings inspired the world.

With Saint James the Less both will guide our Parish as we move forward.

Siempre Adelante! Always Forward!

His first class relic (part of his body) is being kept under the altar of the new Church for veneration.


St  James the Less Roman Catholic Church

Located in Perris Ca

Church Address: 22190 Dunlap St., Perris, Ca. 92571


Phone: (951) 657-2380

Fax: (951) 943-7290


Office Address: 269 3rd Street,

Perris, California, 92570



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