We are the people of the resurrection... (St. Augustine)

Alleluia! According to St. Augustine, “We are the people of the resurrection and our song is Alleluia.” Do you believe in that? With all that is happening now? There are now almost 2 Million confirmed cases of covid 19, and 120,000 total deceased around the world. In the United States alone, there are already almost 600,000 infected 24,000 died and counting. Then, what is the relevance of the resurrection now a days? Does it has meaning with those people who are afraid? Those people gasping for breath in the hospitals? Those families who lost their loved ones because of this virus? Those doctors, nurses, caregivers in hospitals who are also afraid but can’t do nothing because that’s what they vowed to do. - to save lives. Those whose family members who lost their loved ones and couldn't see them for proper burial? 

Yes, it seems that resurrection is not anymore relevant, Churches are closed, nobody receives the sacraments, Catholic clergy, pastors of different denominations, bishops, even the Pope settle in celebrating liturgies in the mercy of modern technologies. Personal touch is not anymore the expression of love - but 7 feet away, social distancing seems to be a new normal. But if you don’t believe anymore what St. Augustine said that we are the people of the resurrection and our song is alleluia! I do! They do! You do! Because that was the apostles witnessed more than 2 thousand years ago, it is still relevant today since God journeys with us through thick and thin. The resurrection is our hope of glory. All these, terrorisms, wars, plagues like this covid 19, Church scandals, corruptions of all kinds, disregarding the importance of life like abortion and euthanasia in the guise of over population, hunger and poverty, destruction of environment in the guise of development, destruction of families and many other forms of calamities. Be it natural or man made. Yes, humanity suffered so much! But through the resurrection, we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Every crisis that happened is God’s way of reshaping the world back to its original purpose according to His own design. Yes, the resurrection of Christ is still  relevant because through it God reshapes the world, through it we also reshape our hearts too.

The governments now realized the importance of human lives that all policies, all efforts, that everything we do is to serve lives and to protect it. Quarantine is for us to bring back the essence of love in the family which had been destroyed by pride and indifference among family members. That knowledge is important in order to find the cure against this virus that eventually will lead us to recognize the absolute intelligent being who is God. This crisis will wake us up from the deep slumber of indifference. That the resurrection of Christ will bring us to a realization of an absolute truth against the dictatorship of relativism. Humanity will survive because out of this chaos there will be peace and a renewed humanity. That after the passion of Christ there is a resurrection. The hope of glory. Faith, hope and love are the 3 theological virtues that will save us from the menace of covid 19. Have faith in the resurrected Christ, have hope in the wisdom of God, and have love for others coupled with discipline then COVID which is Care for Others with Values Integral to Discipline is the antidote of Corona Virus Disease 19. Amen. 

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