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As we prepare for the opening of our Church Building, the St. James the Less Leadership Team has organized a TEAM COVID - 20 which stands for Care for Others with Values Integral to Discipline - 2020 as an antidote to the Corona Virus Disease-19. No way CoViD-19 can destroy humanity whose concern is for the safety of Others with an innate value of Love and Respect which is integral to self-Discipline. We defeat it with disciplined people. The COVID-20 Team is composed of the heads of the 7 Parish Commissions and 2 Liaison Officers from the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council. The Team is headed by Mr. Ken Simon, the Liaison from the Parish Finance Council.

1.) To organize 8 volunteer-groups under the leadership of the heads of the different commissions to man the 8 weekend Masses.
2.) To train volunteers in monitoring, screening, controlling and deep cleaning the Church.
3.) To acquire and purchase, control and keep the disinfectants, cleaning and protective equipments.
4.) To help educate the people regarding the directives on health protocols from the diocese.

1.) It is suggested to have a swab test but not legally required. Voluntary
2.) Each group is oriented on the directives and the restriction policies of the Diocese of San Bernardino.
3.) Members of each group should have a job designation, like:
a.) In-charge of controlling the gate for the number of persons coming in.
b.) In-charge of Thermal scanning and checking of face covering.
c.) In-charge of guiding the people to their designated pews with 6-foot distance and guiding during Holy Communion.
d.) In-charge in hand sanitizing. 
e.) In-charge of spraying and deep cleaning the Church after the Mass
f.) In-charge of Mass Collections

1.) Church seating capacity is only 100 out of 1,500 including the volunteers with designated 6-foot distance or more.
a.) The one in-charge in the gate should open the gate 30 minutes before the Mass, should count the people coming in based on the number of the seating capacity of the Church. Those who want to come for Mass should register first online at Those coming in late and in excess of the numbers required should be advised to come for the next Mass or be advised to participate in live streaming. He closes the gate upon reaching the required number to go inside the Church. 
b.) The thermal scanners will temperature scan the person at the designated area in the parking lot before entering the Church area. If temperature is above normal, he/she should be advised to go home or stay in the car.
2.) All doors of the Church should be opened as nobody should touch the door handles. There should only be one entrance and two exits not the same as the entrance. Before proceeding to the pews, the people are given hand sanitizers and escorted to their seat. Right after the Mass, the ushers should guide or escort the people to the exits. Before leaving they should be given hand sanitizer.
3.) During the Mass: cf. Diocesan Liturgical Directives
4.) After the Mass: Those in-charge of the cleaning should start spraying the Church, from the entrance to the altar. Everything that the people touched during the Mass should be disinfected.
5.) SECURITY CAMERA MONITOR: In-Charge of the security camera should monitor people and who they interact with when they enter the Church's vicinity for contact tracing.
6.) Those 65 and above and/or with underlying health conditions are advised and recommended to stay at home and participate in the live streaming Mass. However, the pastor has offered Tuesday English at 7:00 am as well as Thursday at 5:30 pm for Spanish Masses to be offered for the elderly. You are recommended to attend one of these Masses.

a.) Should be between 25-65 without any underlying health condition.
b.) Must have undertaken a swab test with a negative result. Note: not legally required, it's voluntary.
c.) Preferably work in the medical, security fields. But opened to anyone who wishes to be Church frontliners
d.) The ushers

The Church should be empty of anything that the people can touch or hold, like song books, missalettes. Bulletin be put in the car windshield OR in the tables near the exit doors.
Collection boxes ... Please use the online giving system and/or place your love offering (donations) at the no-touch collection baskets at the exit doors.
There should be No Choir to sing for the meantime.
No social interactions before and after the Mass. The ushers will lead the people to their seat and show them the way out.
2 Sneeze barriers/guards are installed for the communion.   
No altar server
Readers should have their own missalette to read from and no sharing of the lectionary book. The Lector Coordinator should provide the lector/reader the copy of the readings of the day in advance whether in printed form or via digital form.
Families that may come together for the Mass may be seated together but 6-foot distance to others who do not belong to the same household.
This time NO daily Masses will be held but only on Tuesday at 7am and Thursday at 5:30 pm for the elderly who cannot join the Sunday Masses because of the age limit in the directives.
Other celebrations of sacraments, like weddings, 15anera, funerals, baptisms are to be done in Dunlap Church with the number not more than 100 attendees. No religious or any activities in the small church on 3rd St. for the time being. Following the Diocesan directives.
The Personal Protective Equipment will be provided for the Volunteers.

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