Covid-20 fund

As we prepare for the opening of our Church Building, the St. James the Less Leadership Team has organized a TEAM COVID - 20 which stands for Care for Others with Values Integral to Discipline - 2020 as an antidote to the Corona Virus Disease-19. No way CoViD-19 can destroy humanity whose concern is for the safety of Others with an innate value of Love and Respect which is integral to self-Discipline. We defeat it with disciplined people. The COVID-20 Team is composed of the heads of the 7 Parish Commissions and 2 Liaison Officers from the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council. The Team is headed by Mr. Ken Simon, the Liaison from the Parish Finance Council.

1.) To organize 8 volunteer-groups under the leadership of the heads of the different commissions to man the 8 weekend Masses.
2.) To train volunteers in monitoring, screening, controlling and deep cleaning the Church.
3.) To acquire and purchase, control and keep the disinfectants, cleaning and protective equipments.
4.) To help educate the people regarding the directives on health protocols from the diocese.

1.) It is suggested to have a swab test but not legally required. Voluntary
2.) Each group is oriented on the directives and the restriction policies of the Diocese of San Bernardino.
3.) Members of each group should have a job designation, like:
a.) In-charge of controlling the gate for the number of persons coming in.
b.) In-charge of Thermal scanning and checking of face covering.
c.) In-charge of guiding the people to their designated pews with 6-foot distance and guiding during Holy Communion.
d.) In-charge in hand sanitizing. 
e.) In-charge of spraying and deep cleaning the Church after the Mass
f.) In-charge of Mass Collections


a.) Should be between 25-65 without any underlying health condition.
b.) Must have undertaken a swab test with a negative result. Note: not legally required, it's voluntary.
c.) Preferably work in the medical, security fields. But opened to anyone who wishes to be Church frontliners
d.) The ushers


All liturgical and sacramental activities be done outdoors, In our Church, we do all of these at the parking space allocated for these purpose.

  • Registration is a must because the Governor's order is only 100 persons are allowed to come, this includes volunteers, priests, deacons, etc. more than that is a violation to the directives.

  • Volunteers will check the person/s coming in at the gate if their names are in the list. Those who are not listed will be advised to wait for available seats 5 minutes before the Mass begins or advised to participate in live streaming at

  • It is paramount that each one should wear face covering or face mask.

  • Once in the vicinity, temperature check will be performed and the attendees will be given hand sanitizers. They will be led to their seats by the volunteers. Reminder that they will follow the lines in going to their seat, NO ONE should crisscross among others.

  • No movement of the arranged chairs. Families in the same household should NOT move the chairs closer to each other. If they want to stay closer they need to bring their own portable chairs.

  • The liturgical directive stipulate that singing in the Mass is NOT permitted. No holding hands during the "Our Father". No kissing, hugging, shaking hands during the sign of peace.

  • Communion protocol should be followed. Those who will be receiving the Holy Communion should line 6-foot distance behind the others in the middle and after receiving the Holy Communion by the HAND the face mask be down then consume the Body of Christ and proceed back to their seat through the side away from other people's chairs. Follow the volunteers' direction.

  • After the Mass, the first one to go are those people in the back. The 65 years old and above will go out last as not to mingle with the younger ones.

  • Collection boxes are in the exit areas. After you drop your donations, it is important that you sanitize your hands before going to your car.

  • Once the people are dispersed, the volunteers will start sanitizing the whole area for the next Mass.

  • No social interactions before and after the Mass.


  • Those assigned volunteers for a particular Mass should be in the area 45 or 30 minutes before the Mass begins to prepare everything necessary for the Mass and the application of protocols.

  • Please be aware of the protocols as not the team leader keeps on reminding you what to do.

  • Everyone has its own task to follow, focus on your own task and be open to reminders if sometimes you forget.

  • Readers should not share the lectionary, provide your own copy of the readings or use your smart phone or tablet to read the epistles. Suggested sources are from​, you can also download an app iBreviary.

  • Remember that, as volunteers, we follow vision not the person. A person is chosen to guide others towards that vision that we follow and share together.

NOTE: Is it of great importance that we need to follow the protocols. If you forget the protocol, the team or the volunteers will remind you.

Other celebrations of sacraments, like weddings, 15anera, funerals, baptisms are to be done outside Dunlap Church with the number not more than 100 attendees. No religious or any activities in the small church in 3rd St. for the time being. Following the Diocesan directives.
The Personal Protective Equipment will be provided for the Volunteers.


  • Our store is just a 1-room store inside the Church without ventilation. Coming in will endanger our store keeper and the person/s buying the items. So please follow the following instructions.

  • If you want to buy something​ please call the office first and ask if your item/s is available (soon, I will show the items in this website).

  • If your item is available, the office staff will tell you how much it costs then you can pay it through our online giving specifying that it is a payment for a particular item (I will also put a store account in the online giving).

  • Your paid item will be brought outside during the Mass schedule you registered for you to claim it.

  • Show to the store keeper your invoice or proof of payment you received from the Online Giving.

  • When you receive your item, it will be sanitized as not to infect the recipient. If you want to pay as you receive it then inform the office that you will pay it personally so that we can also make proper inventory with our items.


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