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Ages 65 and above and those frontliners are encouraged to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Watch out the Riverside University Health System website to get the appointment. / Se alienta a las personas de 65 años o más y a los que están en primera línea a que se vacunen contra COVID-19. Esté atento al sitio web del Sistema de Salud de la Universidad de Riverside para obtener la cita.
Attention: To all who are civilly married and want to sacramentally convalidate your wedding may apply in our office for a free convalidation wedding on June 26, 2021. This is only for those who have already completed their Sacrament of initiations - Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist. 
Application date: The February 21 - March 31: When you apply please bring all the requirements - The Certificates of the 3 Sacraments for both, husband and wife, and your Civil Wedding Certificate. Complete the 4 witnesses' for freedom to marry.
Pastor's Interview: The whole month of April
Pre-Cana Seminar: The pre-Cana seminar will be done on May (Schedule will be determined soon)
Wedding planning: In June with the Commission on Family Life.
Resumption of our Operation 5-Months for loan reduction Program: Please pledge $ 2.40 per day until December. / 
Reanudación de nuestra operación 5 meses para el programa de reducción de préstamos: Por favor, prometa $ 2.40 por día hasta diciembre.

Extension of these parish office/ministry restrictions:


Bishop Rojas has authorized the further extension of these parish office/ministry restrictions for an additional 2 weeks through MARCH 1st, 2021. This is due to the increased public contacts and parish activity during Ash Wednesday services and Lenten schedules. Our hope is that things will improve by March 1st, and that we can add office/ministry services for our people. Procedures for added services will be sent to you before March 1st.


The following are the parish office/ministry restrictions that will continue through MARCH 1st:


  1. Close ALL parish offices, allowing bare minimum of critical staff only (maximum of 3 persons), to work on-site, and only for tasks that cannot be completed remotely. Various staff can be staggered throughout the week.

  2. Cancel ALL in-person meetings of ANY type and of ANY number (parish staff; clergy/deacons; all parish committees; all training sessions), including meetings of ministry services, ministry programs, etc. The permission for meetings of up to ten (10) persons is rescinded and prohibited until further notice. You should conduct any and all types of meetings by ZOOM or other remote technologies.

  3. Conduct all parish business, ministry coordination remotely – via Zoom or other remote communication.

  4. Food pantry distribution, a critical social justice service, is also permitted in accordance with previously distributed COVID 19 guidelines.

  5. Seasonal projects such as charitable collection and distribution, special donations and fund-raisers may continue, but only if operated OUTDOORS, via drive-thru or pick-up ONLY, and only if staff/volunteers follow rigid COVID precautions. (masks; sanitizing; temperature taking; gloves; distancing, etc.) This applies to any Lenten fish fry dinners and Stations of the Cross soup suppers. You CANNOT host these inside the parish hall; all items must only be prepared for parishioners to take the items to their homes.  

Church Opening starts on Feb. 13

Even though we are opening our Church for public worship, we have to be more stringent in applying the directives. These are: Registration for weekend Mass attendance still being imposed for contact tracing; 6-foot distance will always be observed except those who are living in the same household; wearing of face mask is always be a requirement except those children under 4 years old; hand sanitizers are always available before entering and leaving the Church; temperature scan is still necessary before entering the Church. Church goers need to strictly follow the volunteers' instructions in coming to Church. - ALL THESE ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE! For your protection and the protection of your loved ones. WELCOME BACK TO OUR CHURCH!


Aunque estamos abriendo nuestra Iglesia al culto público, tenemos que ser más estrictos al aplicar las directivas. Estos son: El registro para la asistencia a misa los fines de semana todavía se impone para el rastreo de contactos; Siempre se observará una distancia de 6 pies excepto aquellos que vivan en el mismo hogar; el uso de mascarilla es siempre un requisito excepto los niños menores de 4 años; los desinfectantes de manos siempre están disponibles antes de entrar y salir de la Iglesia; El escaneo de temperatura todavía es necesario antes de ingresar a la Iglesia. Los asistentes a la iglesia deben seguir estrictamente las instrucciones de los voluntarios para asistir a la iglesia. - ¡TODOS ESTOS SON NO NEGOCIABLES! Para su protección y la protección de sus seres queridos. ¡BIENVENIDO DE NUEVO A NUESTRA IGLESIA!


St  James the Less Roman Catholic Church

Located in Perris Ca

Church Address: 22190 Dunlap St., Perris, Ca. 92571


Phone: (951) 657-2380

Fax: (951) 943-7290


Office Address: 269 3rd Street,

Perris, California, 92570



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